World Hindi Day is observed on January 10 to honour the language.The day is observed in India from the year 2003.

The first World Hindi Day conference was organised on January 10, 1975, in Nagpur.The grand event registered the participation of 122 representatives from 30 countries.

In 2006, then PM Manmohan Singh declared January 10 as World Hindi Day. Another objective of the occasion is to present Hindi as an international language.

The language is also spoken in Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Fiji, and Mauritius.

Therefore, to promote the Hindi language all around the world, International Hindi Day or World Hindi Day is celebrated every year.

The day is celebrated at the Indian Embassies and government offices that organize lectures on different topics.

On this day most of the schools and colleges across the country encourage students to participate in various literary and cultural programmes .

"Use of Hindi in national practice is necessary for the progress of the country" -Mahatma Gandhi had said.