A few days ago a Bengaluru-based woman filed a complaint saying was assaulted by a Zomato delivery boy

The issue came into the spotlight after Hitesha Chandranee; a content creator took it to social media to share her plight

The executive barged into her home, punched her and left her with bleeding nose over a delivery argument

However, the delivery executive identified as “Kamaraj” has a different story to offer

Kamaraj delivered the food a little late and Hitesha was already talking to the customer care support

His version

He even apologized to the woman due to late delivery and not to complain to the customer care

His version

“She then very rudely in English told me to wait. I asked not to speak in that language since I am a delivery boy and not a slave"

His version

"She picked a slipper and starting hitting me. I defended me by pushing her hands away"

His version

Kamaraj said she had a ring on her finger and this hit her nose and caused the bleeding

His version

Kamaraj was arrested on the charges of assaulting a woman. He was seen crying and begging to his job back in a video

Many celebrities offered their support to Kamaraj

People are seeking justice on Twitter under the hastag “Justice for Kamaraj”

A case has now been filed against Hitesha by Kamaraj of wrongful restrain, assault, ntentional insult and criminal intimidation