Tips to Zoom Effectively and make your virtual meetings more productive

Zoom fatigue is real, but you cannot really stay away from Zoom too long :)

Zoom meetings are here to stay. Both in work and social life. With many companies announcing extended work-from-home, 2021 will also be the year for Zoom and Meet.

Here are some tips to zoom effectively and make your virtual meetings more productive.

Unless your appearance or background is very inappropriate or distracting, turn on your video. Video helps in engagement during virtual communications.

Mute everyone when the main person is speaking to avoid noise and disturbances.

Virtual backgrounds are boon if you are operating out of a crowded workspace or to hide the dirty pile of your clothes :).

While speaking, silence the desktop notifications for other applications.

Use interaction tools like “raised hands” or “annotation tools” for screen sharing to collaborate.

Always send a summary note at the end of the meeting highlighting the key takeaways.