Web trends : what’s in store for India in 2008

[Guest post by Sridhar, founder of Yulop. Sri shares his insights on future trends that will shape up India 2.0] In our earlier post we had a brief look at…

[Guest post by Sridhar, founder of Yulop. Sri shares his insights on future trends that will shape up India 2.0]

In our earlier post we had a brief look at the growing web trends in India, and now when I look back, I am delighted to see the growth in factors which are adding up for a robust mobile/web trend in India.

With lot of Indian startups using Open Source technology to build end products, the need for open libraries, open frameworks and OSS languages are in great demand. A quick look into Trends [courtesy Google] shows that India’s contribution to PHP [best open source language adopted] resources has increased in the last few months (it really is surprising to see India in 4th position, six months back India wasn’t listed in top 10).


With Open Source Trend catching up in India what could lie ahead for us in 2008?

Open Platforms:

2007 witnessed Google launching open APIs (Android and OpenSocial) for the global market and we do see Indian Startups piggybacking on these networks to build global consumer products. Moreover, apart from Facebook’s open platform, recently announced LinkedIn’s apis will open up new dimension for the Indian market.

When we look into the growth of Open source software, its a staggering feat to accomplish new channels in just one year – companies have realized that opening up is not an option, but is a necessity (recently Movable type was also released under GNU).

Will we see any Indian company opening up it’s walled garden?

Unfortunately we find less informative or sharing knowledge community portals in India, rather we think sharing is giving away ideas.
The contribution to open source software by Indian techies is also very less and this needs to change for things to improve. It’s important for the Indian tech community to realize that when we make use of opensource softwares (or open APIs), we got to give back to the community.

In my opinion, there is a desperate need for adopting OpenSource teaching at the academic level and also teach students about community involvement and to get together in building kickass products, Services companies are very apprehensive in a need to serve only the client part and they always discourage employees in being a part of forum, community driven activities.


On the technology note, we have PHP language surging high with huge support from all the big players for its growth, its best suited in building rapid web applications and most of the Indian startups have adopted PHP and in growing days we could very well see need for more PHP developers.

India is recognized well to be a servicing hub with low cost servicing sectors , but 2007 has also witnessed some of the most innovative technological products like Zoho, Tringme, Toufee – which have been acknowledged globally.

I do hope more such startups hitting the global scene and here is my prediction/forecast of what’s in store for India in 2008.

  • Huge inflows of VC funding into Indian startups and could outbeat the 2007 investment
  • Giants like Google/Amazon/Yahoo are on a acquisition spree and could very well be looking at Indian segments , take a wild guess who could be on the radar….
  • Internet penetration in India will surge high and could reach the 50 million mark…(mobile Internet is anyways rising fast)
  • A new social graph needs to be drawn – we hope that a new social networking portal [unlike desimartini, bigadda] is in the making and could potentially be using the available Open platforms to reach the global crowd.
  • New products expected on the mobile front, with WIMAX on rise and also mobile commerce . Players like Nokia are looking aggressively at the Indian Market.
  • GPRS :if it is to be provided for free :P, Google is aggressive onto getting local search data and this would benefit users in using the GPRS effectively for operations
  • IPTV: would be a clear winner,with MS, Bharti, Relaince, Google and everyone are on to it..
  • IPOs : I strongly see few Indian Internet companies taking the IPO route in 2008. [there are only handful of companies on the internet sector who have been listed in NSE/BSE, this proves Internet is yet to catch up and its only a hype which is been scaled till date].

What do you think?

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