to Launch Education Platform, MySchool

Tech to Launch Education Platform, MySchool has launched an educational portal called MySchool that currently hosts educational content from around the web.

MySchool is a joint venture between Web18 and GECOM International, a education management firm that specializes in planning, setting up and managing educational institutions.

Though the current service is a content play, is in talks with Ryan International school to power their education related infrastructure – right from setting up the parent-school interaction system (e.g. alerts) to students checking their details online etc.

The most important catch here is that each student will get a id (and they will use it too!, unlike several others who registered and didn’t use).

So what does stands for?

Music, Content, Search, Shopping, Games, Hotels..and everything possible online? Case of unclear product positioning?

What’s your opinion on’s strength? Most importantly, do you use their email service (which was advertised heavily)?

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