Web18 launches Storeguru, ecommerce store

storeguruWeb18 has launched it’s ecommerce store, StoreGuru, which like any other ecommerce store is focused on apparel/mobile/camera/accessories etc.

Wondering why another ecommerce store, when they already have homeshop18?

I, to a large extent agree with Nikhil that this could be a valuation play for Web18 to prepare a portfolio of sites pre-IPO.

As far as the site is concerned, there is nothing much to talk about. StoreGuru has smartly attempted to attract visitors by giving away huge discounts on products. A deep look into that and I get a feeling that all of the Internet stores are fooling customers by quoting a year old price as the manufacturer price; and are showing huge discounts on the current price.

Case in point – Nokia 9300 costs Rs. 9950 at Rediff as well as StoreGuru, but both have listed the original price (i.e. MRP) differently (Rediff – Rs. 14750, StoreGuru: Rs. 22,495!) – and SG is making a big claim of 58% discount!

Playing with consumer’s psyche? Well, that’s what ecommerce in India is all about.

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