Web2.0 is a Big Myth in Enterprise World – Accenture’s Chief Scientist

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Web2.0 for enterprises?

That’s a big myth, says Accenture’s chief scientist – Kishore Swaminathan

Couple of interesting comments he shared in an interview with livemint:

  • There’s nothing called Web 2.0. It is a big myth created by O’Reilly..for marketing purposes.
  • I think we are in a fairly early age of collaboration. We are still looking for electronic versions of physical collaboration channels. Email is essentially the electronic form of fax, or regular mail, we use cellphones for conversations when two people are not in the same place and video conferencing, (attempts) to mimic a physical meeting. I think the second generation of collaboration tools like wikis, and Twitter are not fundamentally about electronification of a well known channel. They are fundamentally about how you can increase the reach of a person as well as his/her awareness.
  • I don’t think non-gaming virtual worlds have much to offer. There are specific components or ideas within virtual worlds that are interesting. But for enterprises, investing or setting up shop in a virtual world is a huge business risk, especially in worlds with proprietary currency – source

Enterprise and Social networks?

My speculation would be that sites such as Facebook and Myspace will begin to create enterprise editions, so that enterprises, whether its GM or Accenture, would have rather than building their own internal social network, they would rent out a corporate version, software as a service. I think thats the direction corporations are likely to go.

To a certain extent, I agree with what Kishore is talking about – enterprises need more collaborative products that imitate the offline processes (and hence, helps them cut costs/increase productivity) – without any major change in usage behavior.

Beyond that, web2.0 might be just a misfit in the enterprise world – infact, if you look at online office space – the keyword there is collaboration without bringing any behavioral change in the usage (same applies to SaaS services) – for instance, online meeting tools cut your travel costs.

Point to keep in mind is that most of the enterprises look at IT as a cost center – and given the current recession, cost cutting tools will be in-vogue.

What’s your opinion?

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