Webaroo launches SMS based blogging…[GupShup]


Webaroo launches SMS based blogging…[GupShup]

SMS GupShup is a great attempt to marry the increasing mobile penetration in India, and the rising interest in blogging.

What’s great about GupShup?
GupShup attempts to kill the inhibition surrounding mobile blogging! It’s a very simple to use service. [3-step process actually:: you need to create your blog, invite your friends and start the riot!!]

Typically, mobile blogging hasn’t caught up in a big way and GupShup’s SMS blogging has a huge advantage over the other players for the simple reason that this isn’t a pure blogging service and is more of a fun version of yahoogroups!.

Compare this with Reliance’s mBlog service which is restricted to only Reliance mobile users; and you will realize that Webaroo has a clear differentiator in terms of reach, and positioning.

Most importantly, you are charged only for the post that you send to the operator and Webaroo will take care of forwarding the post to your friends.

In a way, this is pretty much inspired from Twitter, but executed in a broader and a different manner. I am sure this service will see some major adoption in the Indian community.

Webaroo guys have executed GupShup very smartly by adding some generic blogs/services [like astrology, stocknews etc] and that makes the product relevant.

What I didn’t like about the service is the fact that there is no way I can push other contents. Or for that matter, there is no discovery mechanism. So for e.g. you can subscribe only to your friend’s blogs [the ones that you are aware of]- but let’s say I wanna subscribe to pluGGd.in, is there a mechanism in which a user can personalize their stuff?

In short, can I bring other content to my webaroo blogs and subscribe to them?
And by the way, GupShup’s shortcode sucks big time! 67673434? How come they missed 12128989! 😀

All said and done, this looks more like a trial product and I have a feeling that Webaroo guys have some biggeer plans [for the other markets?]? Comments?

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