WebEngage launches custom targeting for shopping cart abandonment (and more)

We earlier profiled an interesting startup NudgeSpot which enables ecommerce companies to retarget shopping cart abandonment via site alerts. And an obvious question was that why is not doing the same, after all the entire product is based on site alerts as a core offering.

WebEngage has now announced the launch of custom targeting solution that lets you run campaigns and promotions based on deep, application specific rules.

For instance, you can use notifications to run promotions on the checkout page for, say, users who have added items to the cart but haven’t checked out in a certain timeframe.Using custom targeting, you can optionally configure to run these promotions only for a certain value of the cart size or number of items in cart or only for items from a certain category [more].

Happy Hour Promos @WebEngage
Happy Hour Promos @WebEngage

Given WebEngage’s core offering which is around visitor targeting, the feature (available only under premium/enterprise plans) will have many takers in the ecommerce space, which is lately understanding the meaning of customer acquisition (they equated customer acquisition with transaction acquisition).

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