Now, Build A Realtime Conversion Engine On Your Website [WebEngage Notifications API]

, which provides customer engagement tools for the website, has launched an enhanced integration code, a JavaScript API. Using the properties and callbacks of Notification JavaScript API, one can design variety of interactions on their website.


The Notification feature is a push messaging tool. You can enable display offers, run promotions or pop system alerts on your website, all done from the single dashboard of WebEngage. Further, the API allows targeted and personalised notification options and real time interactions.

The code supports “tokens” which can be used to create hyper personalised messages. It allows creating dynamic content inside a notification.

Using custom data, you can pass more information related to the customers viewing a notification or clicking on the call-to-action button. That ways, you can dice-and-slice the CTR information in your reporting section based on all the data you passed.[details]

For targeting particular and specific users which have a certain criteria, the API allows you to create custom targeting rules and callback events. It also supports custom data, which allows you to pass more information related to customers viewing a notification or clicking a call to action button.

View the detailed document here.

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