WebEngage Launches Feature to Target Customers Who Are About to Leave Your Website


Mumbai based customer feedback and survey tools startup, has launched its new ‘Leave Intent Based Targeting’ feature with which website owners can quickly target a user who is about to leave the site.

Site owners can choose to display a survey or a notification to website visitors who are about to leave the site. The service achieves this by detecting the users mouse clicks and movements.

Once the service detects that the user is going for the browser’s close button or moving for a different tab in the browser window, a pre-configured survey or notification pops up on the page.

webengage notofication

This service is currently available only with the new premium and enterprise plans. For now the feature will work only on desktop browsers, support for mobile browsers is in the works.

To implement the feature the owners need to create a survey or a notification for the leaving customer and then check the box for ‘Leave Intent Targeting’ option in the targeting tab. You can read the details of the feature here.

Back in September this year, WebEngage launched its enhanced integration code, a JavaScript API. Using the properties and callbacks of Notification JavaScript API, users can design a variety of interactions on their website.

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