Tringgr: You Don’t Need Plug-Ins or Software to Use This Video Conferencing Service

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Tringgr: You Don’t Need Plug-Ins or Software to Use This Video Conferencing Service

Ever  had a video conference to attend but couldn’t make it? Either because of A. low bandwidth, B. couldn’t skype, C. didn’t have the time to download software/plug-ins.

 So how about a solution that only needs Chrome and uses a service that runs on the low bandwidth?

Developed by IIIT-H alumni, Sushant Pandey, Tringgr is the service which provides this multi-video conferencing and chat solution. Tringgr is part of Sushant’s startup Effect Labs.

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What is Tringgr?

The video conferencing solution is based on a WebRTC platform (Opera announced it supports WebRTC recently) and therefore does not require users to download, register or install plugins to use the service. Users also need not sign up to use the service. Tringgr can also run on 2G dongle speeds at the minimum lowest bandwidth. Tringgr lets users pick from

  • video conferences

  • audio only conferences

  • group or private text or chat

  • screen sharing

On top of the WebRTC platform, Tringgr used Effect Labs’ own RTC API called the TringgrRTC. Co-founder Subhashish Pandey helped develop this.

The service currently supports upto 3 people on a video-conference, and users simply have to share conference links to different ids to get other on board.

Sushant feels that Tringgr is light years ahead of chat services like Skype and Google Hangouts.

“It will work well on lower bandwidths as we have worked on the media server to support it well. With most IT department blocking browser plugins, it is clear that there needs to be another way. Again, Its good , if you’re both using a common platform such as Skype. But consider a rundown where you are using a PC and other person is using a Facetime on Mac?” says Prabhanshu Gupta, a software development engineer at Effect Labs.

Tringgr has been designed to be an open-standard video and voice communication tool that can be used on any computer, save the requirement of a Chrome browser.

Since its development in 2013, the service has had over a 100 conferences held daily over its platform.


Apart from the regular users, Tringgr is also currently being seen as a solution to 2 other categories online. It is being seen as a solution for live tutoring in e-learning. The company is currently running a pilot with a training institute for the same.

It is also being targeted at e-commerce companies. The aim is to give live video tours, demonstrations and a direct platform for the salesperson to connect with the customer, says Prabhanshu.

Tringgr is also being seen as a solution that will benefit the customer support and contact centers that companies maintain.

“WebRTC enables organization to make websites an extended channel of the contact center, and use real-time communication services like live chat, audio and video call and screen sharing right from the browser,” says Prabhanshu.

The team at Tringgr is currently 10 member strong and soon plan on releasing the Tringgr API  to other websites to extend live audio/video customer chat support. In the future, the company also plans on giving full mobile support, Offline Video Messages and letting users Chat\Call Facebook friends from within Tringgr.

Using Tringgr

Very smooth interface, and an even better user experience. It felt completely strange (in a good way) to have to download, install or register on to a service. Audio clarity was good as well. Only wish it extended to other browsers as well. It’s currently available only for Chrome.

Startup 1Click also has a similar service that lets users use online video conferencing without software installations.

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