Ahmedabad Based NetCanine Launches Cloud Based Website Security Service

Worried about your website getting defaced? Or hackers injecting malicious scripts on your site while you were sleeping? netcanine

Ahmedabad based Net Canine is a cloud-based website security service that monitors your website for security issues, and alerts you if your website is down, defaced, infected by drive-by-downloads or malicious scripts.

Essentially, Net Canine will keep a watch on the websites and alert the webmaster if something bad happens, so that they are the first ones to know about the problem and they can fix it as soon as possible, preventing loss of traffic and reputation.

How NetCanine Works

  1. After you register your website, Net Canine will scan your website. It will continue scanning your site at regular intervals.
  2. Net Canine will look at your website for possible problems based on your subscription level. Based on the problem, it will generate an alert.
  3. Net Canine will send you the alert message which will contain the detail about the problem it has discovered.


Unlike CloudFlare which routes the traffic through its network, NetCanine simply monitors the system at regular intervals (no need to change DNS settings/install JS) – though effectiveness of such ‘regular interval monitoring’ is severely questioned when it comes from a startup (this is where CloudFare created the differentiator via global network presence).

NetCanine’s current offering is targeted towards web developers/hosting companies and is currently offering the service free to bloggers. As far as monetization is concerned, NetCanine will take the freemium route by providing a platform for developers/webhosts who want to monitor a large number of websites.

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