Have Indian Content Sites Hit the Ceiling?

Picture is worth a thousand words.

Have a look at the latest comscore data for the top content sites in India.

content sites traffic india
Content sites traffic for India

To keep things in perspective, I have added Google as well (even though it’s not a content site, but the irony is that it claims the #1 position!).

Have content sites hit the ceiling?

If you notice, traffic of most of the content sites are at the same level as what it was in Jan 2008 – actually, almost the same (except Yahoo).

Sites whose traffic has gone up is primarily because of the advertising push or in some cases, IP redirection.

What’s the core Issue?

Either Indians have stopped consuming content or we are not adding new userbase in the network.

The right answer is a mix of both – India actually witnessed a drop of 6% in Internet users (as compared to 2007 data). [source: Indian Online Report]

And at the same time, do you think we have compelling content sites in India to keep the traffic going?

Please note: One might say that comscore data for India is not reliable (as Comscore doesn’t track cybercafe data), I’d argue that content sites like these are mainly visited by professionals during office hours and data is representative of the reality.

Do share your opinion.

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