WeChat Launches Recall Feature : Now Recall Any Message Within 2 Minutes

Privacy is the NextBigWhat for messaging apps – right from access control (who sees what) to message recall.

WeChat has launched the new version of the app that has Message Recall feature allowing you to recall any message sent within the last two minutes instantly! Simply hold the message and tap the “Recall” button and you are done!

WeChat : Recall Feature
WeChat : Recall Feature

Another new feature in the latest version include Tags for Contact (tag contacts with keywords like “Co-worker,” “In-law” or “BFF” so you can find people in a flash – particularly useful when creating group chats).

Competitor, Hike recently topped the appstore charts and claims to have crossed 20 million users in India, while WhatsApp has 48  million users (as of April 2014).

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