Weekly Recap–Steve Jobs.

Recap of articles published during the week ending Oct 9th, 2011.

Recap of articles published during the week ending Oct 9th, 2011.

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A Non-Mactard Remembers Steve Jobs

25 Steve Jobs Quote You Should Stick (NOW) On Your Office Wall

Of KBC & The “Islandish” Problem With Indian IT Industry

Top 10 Android Apps in India

Indian eCommerce And The Hype [Interesting Infographic]

Four mind-shifts you’ll need to make mobile marketing work

The Day When Indian IT Employees Couldn’t Search For Steve Jobs’ Death News


MyGrahak – Online Grocery Store With A Backing of 350 Offline Store Network

A Better Way To Search Twitter [CloudMagic]

The Art Of Getting Back Pending Dues From Your Customer

Aaramshop Brings Your Local Grocery Store Online For Free [Interview:Founder On Business Model]

Intel Capital To Invest $20 mn In 6 Indian Startups

Info Edge Invests INR 180 Million in MyDala

India Online/Telecom Business

Shilpa Shetty Launches A “Group Buying Real Estate Ecommerce Company”

Disney To Acquire Indiagames [?]

Smartphone Insights: Indian Users Now Spend More Time On Content Than Voice and SMS

TRAI SMS Regulations – An Optimist’s Solution

TomTom Launches Personal Navigation Devices in India [Starting at 15K]


Steve Jobs – RIP [You Were A God Among Humans]

India’s $60 tablet – Akash

The Science of Culture and Change: Timeless Decisions

4 Easy-to-miss Tips That Help You Avoid Digital Marketing Horror-Stories

On Shifting Equilibrium And Challenging Status Quo

Groupon Officially Rebrands India Biz To Crazeal [SoSasta Domain Still Not Owned By Groupon?]

SRK becomes the first verified Indian celeb on Google+


BenQ becomes the No. 1 Projector brand in India with 20% market share

HTC PICO Available In India For Rs. 11,599

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