Is Securing Your Website too Expensive a Process? Startup Wegilant Might be Able to Help

wegilantOver the past couple of months there have been a multitude of cyber attacks on government and hacks on celebrity websites. Hacking is a major pain point for any website owner and securing their websites from such attacks is of their utmost concern. But with the high costs associated with website security services and testing tools, it becomes difficult for smaller site owners to secure their portals.

Mumbai based startup Wegilant has developed two cloud based web security tools, WhiteHound and BlackHound, aimed at startups and SMEs to improve their web security at a more affordable price.

“I identified the gap between current solution providers and the need of SMEs in web security and decided to build the value which can be served on cloud for their website security,” says Toshendra Sharma, CEO of Wegilant.

Using WhiteHound, web developers can pin-point the code with exact file name & line number where a security flaw can be exploited. To identify web security loopholes, WhiteHound performs several source code analysis, like semantic analysis, taint analysis, inter-procedural analysis, intra-procedural analysis, data flow analysis etc.

Even though the purpose of BlackHound is to identify security loopholes of a website, it achieves this using BlackBox testing methodology, which mean the testing will be done by considering subject as a BlackBox and without any inside knowledge of it. BlackHound can be considered as simulated website hacking for identifying the security.


“We have planned to offer pricing on per scan basis with some critical operations for the user,” says Toshendra.

WhiteHound, launched in January 2014, has a credit based pricing model. Users can purchase between 500-5000 credits from the website, and pay for the security scan depending on the size of their PHP source file i.e 1 Credit = 1 Rs = 5 KB of PHP code.

The service currently has over 150 active users.

Acunetix, Veracode and Klocworx are some popular tools that operate in the web security space.

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