Welcome To The Big UnPluggd : Everything You’d Like To Know [May 24th]!


Welcome To The Big UnPluggd : Everything You’d Like To Know [May 24th]!

Ladies and Gentlemen


UnPluggd is happening on Saturday,May 24th and ofcourse, the NextBigWhat team is super excited about the event. Like any great startup, UnPluggd started as an experiment (first event had 20 people) and after a few PoCs, we realized that our philosophy of ‘amazing content’ has serious takers.

Today, UnPluggd has become a powerful force : startups launch and get huge visibility -and not just among investors, but importantly, potential customers and users.

The core philosophy of UnPluggd is that entrepreneurs need to learn from each other (and not from babas). We have very little patience for gyaawn and a lot of respect for actionable insights. You’ll see a lot of these insights and hard-talks @UnPluggd.

Over the last few years, UnPluggd has become THE launchstage for Indian startups. We are super happy to announce that Qualcomm is announcing QPrize Winner at UnPluggd!!! Automobile company, Skoda is showcasing its new vehicle; Jana is launching its service in India and yeah, 10 startups are launching their product at UnPluggd!!

And yes, Sachin Bansal and Mukesh Bansal are coming over at UnPluggd – their first appearance after the acquisition announcement! It’s a big day for the startup space and we certainly hope that more people will beenfit from these interactions.

And ofcourse, a lot of you have been asking whether we have spot registration at the venue : The answer is YES, WE DO ! Come over to SPOT REGISTRATION counter and you are good to go (PS: no discount codes apply for spot regn).

UnPluggd DetailsUnPluggd-Logo-1.png

Date: May 24th (Saturday); 9 AM – 6 PM, followed by networking evening.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar, Bangalore.
URL : http://www.unpluggd.org
Contact Details: Ashish [+9 196324 26043] OR Ankit [+9 198459. 86241].
REGISTER : Buy tickets from our ticketing partners OR simply use the ticketing option below:


The (updated) UnPluggd Agenda

8:30 AM Registration
9:00 AM The Art of Scale
Speakers : Suresh Sambadnam [OrangeScape] and Vikas Malpani [Commonfloor]
10:00 AM Cracking Traction
Speakers : Amarpreet Kalkat (Frrole) and Ankit Pruthi (Unicommerce).
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:15 PM Qualcomm QPrize Winner Announcement
12:00 PM The UnPluggd Conversation With Sachin Bansal And Mukesh Bansal
12:45 PM Lunch
13:30 PM PitchStop Session 
15:30 PM Jana.com Launch
15:45 PM Tea, Coffee and Networking Break.
16:15 PM From Startup FailureKiran Kumar (Adepto), Utsav Agarwal (nwplyng) and Kingsley Joseph (TripThirsty).
17:15 PM Cracking the Consumer Code : Behaviors That’ll Blow Your Mind
Participants : Sai Gaddam (Author, A Billion Wicked Thoughts), Alok Goel (Freecharge) and Vishal Anand (CPO @NewsHunt)
18:00 PM Goodies Distribution
7:00PM – 10:00 PM Networking Evening

Unpluggd networking : Cracking the Core
Unpluggd networking : Cracking the Core

ANd if you wanna atttend the focused networking evening as well, buy the ticket :

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