Alternate Medicine Startup, Welcome Cure Raises Pre-Series A funding of $6mn

Company Name : Welcome Cure
Funding Amount : $6mn
Funding Round : Pre-Series A

Welcome Cure, one of the first and only global and innovative health care technology platform focused on alternate medicine, has raised USD 6mn in pre-series A funding from a pool of investors. The company has raised USD 1mn from few high net-worth individuals and USD 5mn from one of India’s largest media house. The amount will be invested in the health care portal’s on-going expansion and marketing strategies.

Welcome Cure offers homeopathic treatment to people globally, regardless of language, location and time barriers. It has been co-founded by Dr. Jawahar J. Shah and Punit Desai. Dr. Shah is an award-winning homeopathic practitioner, technocrat, educationalist and academician with over 39 years of experience in the field of homeopathy, while Punit is a successful entrepreneur with vast experience, investments and capabilities in solar power, e-commerce & home shopping, films, media and entertainment sectors.

Welcome Cure is a virtual clinic offering modern facilities of online consultation via video chat, live chat, Skype, telephonic and email interactions with expert physicians worldwide, at consumer convenience. Users can avail digital health consultation with the door step delivery of medicines. In addition to this, case histories and medical reports are also digitized with free storage for lifetime. Periodic reminders and trackers, amazing facts, health tips and diet plans further form a part of the unique features of the health care portal.

Welcome Cure boasts of a network of over 100 world class renowned doctors registered from across the globe, providing unlimited treatment for over 100 diseases under one digital roof. The site also offers pocket-friendly health packages varying from three months to two years for their users, making it an end to end online homeopathy platform through the web portal and mobile application.

Welcome Cure was launched in late 2014 after a year of extensive research, development and execution. The company follows processes that adhere to the global standards of HIPAA and HL7 security and strict international norms while managing patients.


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  1. Name calling is NOT good for a healthy debate. Thanks.

    The link provided has ambiguous claims without any proofs. There is no link any peer reviewed study papers as well.
    Modern medicine has issues but it doesn’t mean homeopathy is the alternative.

    Instead if name calling and bogus claims, kindly provide some good peer reviewed research and study papers (scientific).

    Thanks again.

  2. Hello Rahul,

    There is only one science. Rest are all pseudoscience and Homeopathy is one of them. I didn’t mean to be brash but one cannot overlook the fact.

  3. Hello Rahul,

    I have no idea how you concluded that they are paid articles.
    There is NO scientific methodology involved in homeopathy. There is NO proof it works. Personal experiences are placebo effects.
    I kindly request you to read the research paper by NHMRC. Instead of blindly saying that it’s payed, you can produce peer reviewed research paper’s by scientific community which supports homeopathy.

    Yes, I am learned and Learning about new things daily.
    It doesn’t mean that investor are learned about homeopathy. They worry about ROI.

    Homeopathy practitioner knowingly or unknowingly cheat weak, gullible, poor and ignorant people.

    I again kindly request you to produce peer reviewed paper accepted by scientific community. Not personal experiences or what you or anybody believes.

  4. Its sad how people like you go by some paid articles Satish
    You trying to say that over 500 million people in the globe are foolish?
    You trying to say that you are more learned and aware than the investors of this portal and may other such strong believers and benefitters of homeopathy
    My entire family is on homeopathy and it has been a boon in our lives.
    We have got tremendous benefits without obscene costs of main stream and unwanted side effects of the more popular form of medical science.
    Be aware before you voice your opinion.
    People like you create negative impressions of the 2nd largest form of science and create doubts in the mind of people who consider safe and natural forms of treatments.

  5. Homeopathy doesn’t work and there is enough research done to prove that it doesn’t work.
    The founders and investors are greedy and want to lure weak and gullible people and make money out of it.
    I have no idea how could anyone fund this without any scientific backing.
    Greedy founders and investors.

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