Amazingly Well Done Product Demo Videos

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Amazingly Well Done Product Demo Videos

Last week, I shared a guide to making a kickass video to demo your awesome product. Well done product videos can make a huge difference to your startup. Here are some of the interesting demo videos that we came across on the Internet. They have been listed here just for their simple, interesting, informative, funny and sometimes wacky presentation. Watch them and enjoy! Of course there are things to learn from each one of them.Video Demo


Spendee ios app is a very useful app to keep track of your expenses and manage your personal finance on an everyday basis. The video is short well explained and show the simple use cases of the app, all without even having to use a voice over.

In the case of apps like Spendee, showing a simple video with a variety of simple use cases is the best way to explain and showcase the product.


Do  is a collaborative productivity tool. This demo video uses a well described narrative to show some of the ways the service can be used. The narrative is very simple to understand and can help you relate to most similar use case scenarios. The voiceover helps in giving the video its finishing touches and helps it simple to understand the product.


Pulsemob is an event management platform. This video has a very interesting production style, instead of using typical animation the company has used a timelapse video of a cartoon artist rendering the use case scenario of the product.

The concept is different from the usual computer generated animations we see in product demos and the sketching skill of the artist along with the voice over makes it a fun watch.


Zazzle is a personalized gift service.This video relies on some wacky character animation to convey message across. The comic factor along with the voice over explanation does justice to the product, even though some might not appreciate the style.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is an online service that retails in men’s grooming products. This video has been doing the rounds for some time now and has gained a decent amount of popularity. Even though the video length is more than the usual short demo videos you come across, the comical factor and the actor keeps it interesting.

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