what do people search on their mobile?

porn, celebrities, games and of course, sex!

Mobile search company, JumpTap has released an interesting stats about what people are searching on their mobile and here is the list:

  1. eminem
  2. 50 cent
  3. sean paul
  4. shakira
  5. sex
  6. metallica
  7. family guy
  8. porn
  9. t.i.
  10. madonna
  11. playboy
  12. tetris
  13. reggae
  14. rihanna
  15. country
  16. tv theme
  17. theme
  18. game theme
  19. nhl
  20. Disney

If you remember Y!’s 2006 data of www searches, the results were pretty much the same.
Infact, I did a similar analysis of what Indians are searching on the www and the common theme is : sex and celebrities rule the world.

So in short, if you can game the above two, you’ve got the eye-Balls.

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