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What Golf has taught me about Entrepreneurship

My love of golf developed during my teenage years. Playing golf with my dad and brothers was always a great bonding session for the four of us. Over the years, golf has actually helped me learn a lot about myself and entrepreneurship as well…….
It’s easy to start something with a bang, but can you finish it?
In the golfing circles, I have always been known as a good striker, I can hit the ball a hell of a long way straight down the fairway. Sure it makes getting to the green easier, but once your there, you still have to finish.
Entrepreneurship is the same way. Putting requires focus and patience. Building a business is the same way, losing focus and getting impatient is the fastest route to a 4 putt.

search volume for keywords

I would like to know search volume (relative or absolute) for certain keywords on google. Can you please point me to some sources which can help me in this regard?

Freecharge copycats

Freecharge has defined a new business model – something that nobody in India ever tried. What’s interesting is a set of clones that the company has inspired. Is this the NEXT big thing?


Legal implications of working with a firm(MNC) and partnering in a start up?

What are the general/Legal implications of working with a firm(MNC) and partnering in a start up? How to tackle it?

Are you paying Service Tax on Adsense Income?

Many say consult a CA but not many CAs know abt Google Adsense (GA) program in India, making it tougher to get some guidance.So thought of asking here as people from various varied interests congregate here .

My question is –  ‘I earn more than 10lacs /annum through GA.Should I pay service tax (ST)?

Allotting fair stakes to founders if all of them are not equally involved in a startup

What is the best way to allot stakes to founders of a startup if all of them are not equally involved?
For example,
– Some of them are working full time and some of them still have their jobs and work part time.
– Some of them are ready to invest some money but some of them cannot invest any money.
We plan to keep stakes equal if it gets too complicated, but is there an easy way to allot stakes so that its fair to everyone involved?

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Frustration against ecomm companies


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