What Has (Startup) Media Turned Into? A Joke.

Startups have gone mainstream and so is the media coverage. But what exactly has (startup) media turned into?

A joke !

And a bunch of people who have literally no respect for founders or investors. The only focus is in running their own agenda or getting breaking stories (which haven’t broken yet!).

“Great minds discuss ideas;

Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people.” [Eleanor Roosevelt]

The media has turned the startup space into small minds talking small things.

The focus is more on few individuals – you either make them hero or a villian. Either ways, you have a story and pageviews.

Nothing else matters.

 What Are We Doing @NextBigWhat?

Well, we aren’t buying into these menial discussions.

We are toning down the news coverage and focusing more on being a platform that fosters community interactions/growth.

We are launching 2 very interesting platforms for people who want to discuss ideas and products.

We were delaying the launch (as a lot of work needs to go on UX), but given the current quality of discussions driven by media houses, we would rather do it now.


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  1. Given how your current website operates right now and how opening it on mobile opens up the Flipkart app everytime (Secret affiliates?), I really think you need to focus alot of ‘UX’.

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