What Indians Look for Before Buying a Smartphone? Brand, Battery Life and Screen Size

India has one of the lowest smartphone penetration amongst the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with just 18% of penetration, according to a recent report.

This should come as a shocker for operating system loyalists. When it comes to buying a new phone, most Indians don’t care what operating system it runs on. According to a new study, the three most important things we Indians look is: brand, battery and screen size!

While Asian markets such as Singapore, China, Malaysia and Indonesia rate operating system as one of the three top device selection criterion, buyers in India, Philippines and Thailand don’t consider it that important, according to the Asian Mobile Consumer Decoded report by Nielsen

The report, based on a survey, also said that India has one of the lowest smartphone penetration amongst the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with just 18% of penetration.

In India and other developing countries in the region like Indonesia and Philippines, QWERTY keyboards maintain relevance as an important selection criteria, the

The report also said that m-commerce activity in India is trailing at just 8%, compared to developed nations like Japan where nearly 9 out of 10(89%) users participated in m-commerce activity.

Inspite of this Indian smartphone users are one of the most receptive users to mobile advertisements, at 87%, only second to China with 90%.

Here are some key insights from the report

  • Hong Kong and Singapore have the highest smartphone penetration amongst the developed countries in the region, at 87%, followed by Malaysia (80%), Australia (75%) and China (71%).

asia smartphone penetration

  • Amongst the developing countries Thailand’s smartphone penetration is the highest at 49% followed by Indonesia (23%), India (18%) and the Philippines (15%).
  • Brand ranks as the most common factor impacting choice for a smartphone purchase, with it being one of the top 3 prominent decision makers across regions.
  • Operating System(OS) is another prominent selection criteria across region.
  • Screen size and touchscreen functionality are now becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Asia smartphone criteria

  • Across the region internet reviews, blogs, referrals from friends, colleagues and family are the most common factors influencing smartphone purchase decisions.
  • In Southeast Asia alone smartphone owners, in the month of June, spent on average more than 3 hours/day on their smartphones, with activities such as chat apps, social networking, games and multimedia.
  • More than 53% consumers in Hong Kong viewed video on a mobile device in the past 30 days, as did 38 percent of Singaporeans and 37 percent of Malaysians, showing an increasing traction for mobile videos.

Asia Device ownership

  • Mobile video adoption in developing Asia Pacific markets have been slower to gain traction, hovering at around 1 in 10 consumers.
  • In China, nine in 10 (90%) smartphone owners clicked on a mobile advertisement in the past month, as did 87% of smartphone owners in India, and 78% in Japan and Hong Kong.

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