What is a cognitive trap? Paras Chopra, Founder @ Wingify

Paras Chopra, the Chairman & Founder of Wingify, spoke at the ProductGeeks Conference 2018 about ‘cognitive traps’ and how they affect the judgement of Product Managers, and what they can do to avoid them. Here is the introduction of the talk:

Paras stresses that these ‘cognitive traps’ don’t relate to intelligence – very intelligent people too fall for them and he believes that smarter people are MORE likely to encounter them which – consequently – makes them more dangerous as they are likely to be in positions of influence.

Key takeaways:

a. Cognitive Traps are ‘systematic errors in perception due to the environment that one is embedded into’.

b. Cognitive traps are not ‘errors’ per se, but sometimes the inevitable (flawed) perceptions & assessments of situations and information presented to us.

c. ‘Our immediate environment shapes our reality’. Paras provides some interesting examples for his case in the video, including how man assumed for centuries that the Sun revolved around the Earth because that is what it LOOKED like to those looking up at the skies.

We will be publishing more from this fascinating talk going forward that will detail the ‘cognitive traps’ one by one, so stay tuned to the NextBigWhat channel as well as our site.