What is this skill of “entrepreneurship” all about?

Following the suit of the 9 am-5 pm job becomes inevitably mundane over the period of time. While some learn to adjust and mould themselves accordingly, some breakthrough and opt for entrepreneurship. However, even if there are 100 individuals who decide to take the route of entrepreneurship there are merely 50 that succeed. Even though there are numerous external factors such as idea, market, competitors etc influence the stand of the start up yet there is one skill that affects everything majorly. The skill is known as – Entrepreneurship.

You may read a hundred thousand articles a day on entrepreneurship that shall guide you through the thick and thins of the business, however, what matters is that ingrained skill which nobody teaches you but you can learn it.

So, what is this skill of “entrepreneurship” all about?

1.    Hocus Focus – A keen eye on detailing and an outstanding focus is the first key feature of the broader skill called entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur must make it a point to keep his focus upright. A 360-degree dedication and devotion lead to the favorable fruits. Whether your personal life is unhealthy or any other issue that is troublesome, there is no excuse to lose out upon focus especially when you are an entrepreneur.

2.    Managing people – One of the toughest tasks an organization faces is to manage their people. While managing machinery is much easier, managing human is a feature that requires knack over understanding and a blend of compassion, empathy along with logical approach. If you as an entrepreneur make the employees feel as if they are an integral part of the organization (which they obviously are) your half the battle is won already.

3.    Enthusiasm to learn – Even when you reach the top of the world there are still things that are left to be learnt. Numerous of us do not understand the significance of acquiring knowledge over money. Being an entrepreneur you must discern the importance of learning. Your every move, each failure, every day teaches you something or the other which might turn out to be advantageous 5 years down the line. Hence, never stop learning. Never. Ever. Ever.

4.    Regulating stress – There are times when stressful situations refuse to end and in such times only the ability to withhold yourself with patience is going to work in your favour. Every day is not a day of sun, there are times when it just rains with no sunshine around the corner and yet you should keep your plans preceding.

5.    Adaptability – Countless start-ups fail to mark their existence for longer simply because their inadequacy of matching with the volatile demands of the market. When the entrepreneur meticulously and briskly digs through the market researchers keeping its eye on every new trend it becomes uncomplicated to adapt. Being rigid to own ideas without adding the pigment of flexibility can lead you nowhere in the long run. A sheer balance between originality and adaptability has to be established.

Being an entrepreneur is ten times more demanding than your 9am-5pm job because here you are both the master and the slave.

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