What is your WHY?

Why we do whatever we do?

This is one of the most life-changing questions you will ever come across.

To set the tone for further discussion, watching this video is highly recommended.

But no worries in case you skipped the video, just look at the following commercials from some of the most iconic brands:

Coca Cola – Open Happiness

Apple – Think Different

Nike – Just Do It

Hmm.. In all these ads, Coca-Cola doesn’t sell Cola, Nike is not selling shoes, nor is Apple selling Computers (or iPhones or whatever).

If you tell people what you do, they may or may not buy it, but if you share with people your Purpose and your Beliefs, they may still buy or not buy it. So what’s the point?

This brings us to an important concept in Business and Technology : Diffusion of Innovation.

And this explains the difference when you share “What?” vs. “Why?”.

When you state “What you do”, the people who buy you are scattered randomly all along the Diffusion Curve.

But as soon as you explain “your Why, your purpose, your belief, everything that you stand for”, the people buying you are mostly “the Innovators and the Early Adopters”.These people share your belief and purpose and hence tend to spread your message in their networks. Something called “word of mouth” is at action.

“Everyone who is on top started from the bottom, and was a beginner at some point of time.”

The only reason they succeeded while many others did not, is because they were driven not by the outcome, but  by the purpose (I am sure you have heard this before.)

Whether you are a Small Business, or a Startup, or a Non-Profit, or even an individual this is how you should get started to succeed, by stating your purpose and finding first few people who would share your purpose and beliefs.

At the cost of repetition, quoting Simon Sinek one last time:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

And that’s how great people achieve greatness.

Now before you reach out to other’s stating you purpose, you will have to be really very clear in your own mind about it (and it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or an organization). Read more about “Our Why”

On the parting note, we urge you to share “Your Why” with the the world today. That is what we stand for at the end of the day. Start writing!

(Original: www.maidentales.com)

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