What not to say at work

While it is great to show your networking skills, you must remember that it’s a double-edged sword. Telling appropriate things can help you grow but revealing everything inappropriate can do more harm than good.

It’s essential to walk the tightrope of revealing information that grows relationships but doesn’t cross invisible or visible lines.

Emotional intelligence refers to your ability to behave, navigate complexities and make decisions.  

People who have emotional intelligence know how to read others and ensure their career is headed in the right direction. 

Here are 5 things that emotionally intelligent people don’t share at work. 


The numbers in the paycheque are no doubt tempting, but they can cause a lot of unwanted situations. Companies might not be able to pay equally to all the employees. So discussing your salary might bring in negativity. When you reveal your income, it gives coworkers a comparison. 

Political Opinions

Asserting your political beliefs can alienate some people. When you share your political stance, people will start judging you more. Sharing a lot about your political standpoints and beliefs can lead to conflicts and bitter relationships. 

Political conversations can disrupt a harmonious work environment and distract you and your colleagues from shared goals and a common purpose.


Sex talk can make people feel uncomfortable. Some will feel offended. Talking about sex at work crosses a line that will lead to a bad reputation.

Your sex life doesn’t have a place at work and it’s not appropriate to share in a work setting.

Complaining about your job

Don’t badmouth about your work. Not only does it leave a bad impression but proves that you are not a team player. 

Don’t share about your job hunt with your colleagues. This will no more portray you as an asset to the company and if your job hunt isn’t successful, you might have an uncomfortable time working with the same people. 


Your past can speak a lot about you. Your coworkers don’t need to know about your past and how daring and adventurous you were. Your history can tell others a lot about you. Some behavior shows that you have poor judgment. 

Your past can say a lot about you. It’s tough to change your image when people know about what you used to do. Keep your past escapades to yourself.

It’s important to separate your professional and personal life. Speaking the right things at work can help you build good relationships but spilling out certain things might cause you trouble. 

To build meaningful and deep connections with your colleagues, share the right aspects of yourself.


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