What Product-led Growth Marketing Feels Like?

“I tell my team members that their gold standard is not whether customers bought a product, but did they recommend us? It’s a higher bar and a different standard. We also don’t see marketing’s role as getting customers in the door and then wiping our hands and going on to the next one. Marketing’s role is about recommendation, so we spend a lot of time building up playbooks and putting together hints and tips on how to get the most out of Slack”

Bill Macaitis, former CMO of Slack

Product-led growth marketing is NOT just about selling the product, but also about massively improving on NPS.

Do a reverse engineering of this and the most important play to achieve product-led growth marketing is – about finding the apt audience for the product (and not just sell on fake promises to ‘everyone’).

Finding the apt audience for your product mandates the product to be defined very well, the target audience to be defined very well – right during the development phase.

And this translates to extremely smart product leadership teams. So don’t jump the product marketing gun if you don’t have a brave product team.

Most companies often look at marketing as a separate teams – but if you are building a product-led growth company, it all needs to be weaved together. From the very beginning.

What’s your take?

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