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On March 30th, we have Khadim Batti – cofounder and CEO of WhatFix, a leading digital adoption platform that helps companies provide intuitive onboarding, and effective training and support.

WhatFix, which recently raised $32mn in Series C has over 100 Fortune 1000 customers and NPS of 65, which is a fantastic achievement.

In the upcoming Huddle with Ashish Sinha (NextBigWhat founder), Khadim will share the product-market-fit journey of WhatFix and how the company went about scaling globally.

5 PM. March 30th.

Monday (March 30th) | 5 PM | At a screen near you (i.e. online/live video).

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The NextBigWhat Huddle is done in partnership with MoEngage, an Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform trusted by enterprises in 35 countries.


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