What’s Good to Eat here? Where’s The Best Biryani in Town? Ask DishoomIt

Most mobile applications today make it easy for you to decide by give you information on these. But what if you want to eat the “best Hyderabadi Biryani in Bangalore?”

DishoomitEating out has a lot to do with your budget, location and other things like choice of food & ambiance. Most mobile applications today make it easy for you to decide by give you information on these. But what if you want to eat the “best Hyderabadi Biryani in Bangalore?” or maybe the best Chicken Chettinad in town? There’s an app for that.

DishoomIt, is an app developed by Pune based Se7enlabs, a company founded by IIT-B Alumnus Hrishikesh Rajpathak & Sahil Khan, a management graduate turned food blogger. It helps you discover a dish with the help of crowd-sourced information. It also uses individual usage preferences & historical data to help users find great food around them.

The app which was launched in October also solves another problem we all face. Oftentimes, we have trouble figuring out what’s the best dish at a restaurant. DishoomIt tells you that as well.

A user can sign up for the app using an e-mail address (wonder why you can’t do it with your Google ID on Android). We love the concept. After all, these are questions that one asks almost every-time it comes to eating out!

Since it’s a crowd sourced platform, it isn’t very useful until a large number of people start contributing to improving the app by putting up dish ratings and information on eat outs. Currently, the app has very little data outside of Pune so for a guy in Bangalore, it may not be very useful. However, with time, it is set to improve.

The app uses GPS to figure out your location and if it can’t zero in on your location, it will show you a default set of recommendations in Pune. It should probably give me an option to manually add a location so that I don’t have to rely on the GPS when I’m indoors (which is most of the time.)

We feel that dish based search is a great approach. However, without complete listings and other features that give you a wholesome experience, it is hard to go against the likes of Zomato & TimesCity which are the go-to apps in this genre. (Participate in this discussion :  Do Restaurant rating helps people decide what to eat).

Oink, the app developed by Kevin Rose’s Milk, shut down last year after attempting something very similar. Surely, the company has its task cut out & we wish them luck!

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