Litigation notice served if sent on WhatsApp and blue ticks can be seen : Bombay HC

Rules state that a notice is served in person or through registered post.
Following the enactment of the Information Technology Act, which recognises electronic communication as evidence, courts have allowed parties in a litigation to serve notice through email, in addition to traditional methods.
The case.
The Bombay high court has held that the service of notice about a litigation through WhatsApp messaging service is valid. Justice Gautam Patel observed that a credit card defaulter who was evading the bank had not only received the notice in a PDF file but also opened and read its contents. The court was hearing an application filed by SBI Cards and Payment Services to execute an arbitration award against a Nalasopara resident, Rohidas Jadhav, relating to payment of credit card dues of Rs 1.17 lakh (via).

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  • This is brilliant as individuals cannot shy away from their responsibilities of being law-abiding citizens. No more shying away from the law and end up as credit card defaulters.

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