WhatsApp Has 48 Mn Users in India, 500 Mn Worldwide

WhatsApp has crossed the 500 Mn active user milestone globally. In India, the messaging app has over 48 million active users.

WhatsApp now has over 500 Mn active users aboard the messaging service. CEO and co-founder, Jan Koum, announced the milestone in a blog post

500,000,000 – Thanks to all of you, half a billion people around the world are now regular, active WhatsApp users… 

…We could go on, but for now, it’s more important that we get back to work – because here at WhatsApp, we’re just getting started.


In India, the messaging service has grown its user base from 25 Mn monthly active users in November, to over 48 Mn users. Its Indian user base is adding over 4 Mn users monthly.

Koum said that WhatsApp has grown fastest in Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia. Its 500 Mn active users have shared over 700 million photos and 100 mn videos every day.

WhatsApp had crosses the 300 Mn active user mark in November 2013, before Facebook acquired it.  

WhatsApp is not the only service which is catching on with the Indians. Other calling/messaging services that have a rapidly growing user base in India include,

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