WhatsApp For Android Update Brings ‘Mark As Unread’ Option

WhatsApp has just been update on Android with a few useful features such as custom notifications settings, an option to Mark As Unread and Low Data usage option for voice calling.

The firm pushed out no less than 5 updates in a span of 24 hours according to Android Police (who spotted the update) each being an iterative update that pushed features and fixed bugs.

Mark As Unread

WhatsApp Update 2

In order to mark a conversation as unread, all users have to do is tap and hold on any conversation pane and the menu now gets a ‘Mark As Unread’ option.

Hitting it adds a green indicator to the chat, however, this doesn’t change the read messages status within a chat or the order its chronological rank among your other conversations.

The option seems to be an easy way to remind yourself to get back to a conversation later.

Custom Notifications

WhatsApp Update 1

The update also adds the option to set custom notifications for contacts and groups. Users will be able to access this by getting into the contact details section.

Once there, a user can set specific tones for messages and calls and also control popup notification behaviour for messages from individual contacts or groups.

Low Data/Google Drive Backup

WhatsApp Update 3

Lastly, there is an option to decrease the amount of data WhatsApp utilizes during a voice call. Users can access this in the ‘chat and calls’ settings.

Then under Account and Network Usage, users will find a Google Drive backup usage tallied along with the app’s media, messages and calls. There’s still no way to trigger Google Drive backups, but the feature could soon be released.

The latest version of WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be available via the Google Play Store just yet, but does seem to be on the company’s website of from APK Mirror.

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