How SMS Spammers Are Pricing WhatsApp Message Spams

Most of SMS spammers are now moving to WhatsApp to spam you and here is how they price WhatsApp spams (this is courtesy an email that we received recently).
Whatsapp SMS Pricing On Delivery

WhatsApp SMS   prepaid prepaid
SL NO Volume of SMS  (purchased)  Text
1 1 lakh  25 Paisa    30 Paisa
2 2 lakh  23 Paisa    28 Paisa
3 5 lakh  21 Paisa    26 Paisa

Interesting that the marketing company in this case is calling it as ‘WhatsApp SMS’ to stay consistent with the SMS keyword!

WhatsApp Message Pricing
WhatsApp Message Pricing

Time for WhatsApp to control this, else end up being just another Orkut.

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