Whatsapp Messenger – Cross platform messenger for mobile phones [Drop the Pin!]

Ask any Blackberry user and they will tell you how much they love the Blackberry messenger for its push notification system without having to continuously log in and check for messages. But there’s one serious drawback, there is no cross platform capability. Meaning, Blackberries can only talk to other Blackberries. But what about all the other platforms. People in India are buying more and more iPhones and Android phones to add to the huge number of Nokia phones already available in the market. There was the need of a cross platform messenger client with an easy learning curve and no registration etc.

Whatsapp messenger is a great app for users on different platforms to communicate with each other without any cumbersome sign up process. The sign up process is easy and integrates your phone numbers from your phone and checks the online database of users to add your friends to your list automatically. The push notification system automatically receives notifications without querying the server continuously.  The interface of the app is simple and easy to use on all platforms and supports a huge list of smileys. The message delivered notification is a great add on and the complete package makes it a great app. What’s more, the app also supports group chat so you can create groups and have fun messaging them. Well the features don’t end here, the app also allows you to share pictures, videos, audio files too from your phone to your friends.


What Whatsapp messenger scores highly in is the sheer number of devices and platforms it supports. It supports Android,Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia. Given the penetration that Nokia has in India, it is not surprising that they are pushing for greater adoption of this app and have launched a campaign for the same. Take a look at the campaign here

Head over to www.whatsapp.com and download the latest version for your phone. Do share your review of the messenger

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