WhatsApp is launching payment service in India; How many startups will die?

WhatsApp is working towards integrating with UPI in order to launch payments services in India.
No clear plans announced, but WhatsApp is hiring lead for digital transactions in India, whose JD includes.

  • Be an advocate for the users of our digital transactions service to the rest of the company
  • Proactively construct workflows to allow for more efficient ticket processing
  • Collaborate with banks to resolve WhatsApp user issues
  • Use analytical tools to track data in meaningful reports
  • Work cross-functionally with other teams supporting digital transactions on WhatsApp

How many startups will just DIE once this goes live? What about Hike? Will they beat WhatsApp in this?
Also see: Truecaller launches TruePay, its payment service in India.

  1. Truecaller has already launched this feature with ICICI but the main problem with this is that if I don’t have an account with ICICI, I cannot use. Probably it will be the same case with WhatsApp unless they buy or collaborate with Phonepay or any other UPI service provider who has integrations with all banks.

  2. We based at Telangana as esevaworld having RBI approved etranWallet really understand the challenge when whatsup entering Payment Horizon is not only sign of Digital Growth in INDIA but opportunity to enhance and compete momentum for innovation in payment industry to be strong resulting in substantial growth of consumer initiatives.

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