With a new update, popular chat app Whatsapp has blocked links to Telegram.me which recently grew in popularity among the users.

The URLs which are shared by the users are sent as messages and not hyperlinks hinting it as a spam. iOS devices are still not affected and its been seen only on Android devices which received the recent update of Whatsapp.

All Links Except Telegram Are Working

Telegram has confirmed the activity to The Verge and said to it had begun ‘with a silent update’. Facebook owned Whatsapp also blocked Telegram.notme and Telegram.com which are not related.

Users also tweeted showing how Whatsapp blocked Telegram in its coding.

Earlier, Facebook has many a time drawn criticism for blocking sites and apps. Recently, the company also blocked links to Tsu.co, a social network that pays users part of the ad revenue. But, for the first time a major block link has been done on Whatsapp.



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