A 100 Countries’ GDP Vs. The Value of Fickle Users’ Attention

19 Billion. Dollars.

More than the GDP of about a 100 countries.


Oh – rapid growth, LOTS of users, and very high activity levels.

WhatsApp Growth Curve
WhatsApp Growth Curve

Agreed, agreed and agreed.

Still, nineteen _______ billion Dollars!?

The Fake Shark?
The Fake Shark?

Something’s not right in this valuation. Something smells of a bubble, or two. Especially when you consider that these users are fickle (they moved from Yahoo Messenger to GTalk to Facebook to Whatsapp to hey-what’s-next?), produce nothing of real value and do not even enable that many transactions in a real economy of any sort, and monetization is always more hope, or some form of trickery, rather than reality.

It’s probably fuelled by the growth in valuations over time that’s made it easy to splurge. After all, speculative trading lives off such sentiment.

Is this healthy? Personally, I’m going with “no comments”. Only because popular perception is overwhelmingly in favour of this being a worth-it valuation. And yes, WhatsApp is indeed valuable, and it’s just a question of degree.

But nineteen billion? Just not quite adding up in the context of the planet we live on.

Maybe I’m just too old?

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