WhatsApp Launches Web Client For Desktops; Restricted To Chrome

WhatsApp has finally launched a web client version of its popular messaging app for desktop users, but is currently restricted only to Google’s Chrome browser.
WhatsApp Web Client
The new web client is an extension of a user’s phone, and mirrors conversations and messages from the user’s handheld device. For WhatsApp to work on desktop, a user’s smartphone will also need to be connected to the Internet, and the company advises to update to the latest version of their software on their phones.
In addition to being restricted only to Google’s Chrome browser, users of Apple’s smartphones won’t be able to access the web client giving the ‘platform limitations’ of iOS. The company hasn’t given any details on when iOS users could be brought into the loop.
To use WhatsApp’s web client, all users have to do is open https://web.whatsapp.com in Chrome, where they will be shown a QR code. The then have to do is scan the QR code from within WhatsApp on their smartphone, and the service automatically pairs the web client to WhatsApp on their phones.

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