Whatsapp has a Xiaomi bug; Here is a quick fix


Whatsapp has a Xiaomi bug; Here is a quick fix

WhatsApp is totally unusable for Xiaomi phone users in India since morning.
If you are affected, chances are that even uninstalling and installing the WhatsApp app won’t work (it didn’t for me).

Whatsapp on Xiaomi phones
Whatsapp on Xiaomi phones

The company is working on a fix and while they are it, maybe time for you to go outside and meet real friends?
Fix : Download the apk from WhatsApp.com/android and see if it works for you.
PS: We will update when the official fix is available.

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  1. Ashish Gupta

    Go to HIKE leave foreign brand …..look China is big because users uses Chinese products not American.

  2. superman

    Disable the Dual Account mode, uninstall whatsapp, and the reinstall, and re-enable Dual apps.

  3. snehal

    i just took backup and uninstalled and reinstalled whatsapp. All is good now.

  4. Sunoop

    Uninstall and then reinstall from Android play store.. it works.. you will find mi apps pushing a notification for update of whatsapp and just avoid the notification

  5. Jery

    I faced this issue and downloaded an apk from WhatsApp website which fixed this issue.

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