“..when going gets tough, we really really need to focus on execution” – Lalit, Mobisy

Continuing with our series on Economic Downturn and Startup Survival, here is a quick QnA with Lalit, Co-Founder of Mobisy.

What are you doing now that you were not doing previously – has anything in your execution changed?

Lalit: Not really – at Mobisy we believe that when going gets tough we really really need to focus on execution and doing it better … so really no time to think otherwise or experiment ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it’.

Is hiring getting tougher – how will you convince potential candidates to join you when they want the certainty of a secure job in a large company?

Lalit :- Contrary to this belief, hiring is a little easier due to the hiring freeze at bigger guys, it is easier to hire a very smart fresher right now.

How are you adapting your business model to the current circumstances. How are you now thinking about revenue and monetization of business.?

Lalit :- Mobisy’s business model was always driven by revenues so that does not affect so much

What are you doing to manage attrition?

Lalit:- Attrition of employees? We have not faced that problem honestly it should be easier to retain than ever .. having said that we are a small team of 15 focused professionals and all of us are really committed towards the cause so this thought has never crossed us really.

How have your growth plans been affected by the current market situation – are being more aggressive or cautious.

Lalit :- Yes and no , scaling with VC money becomes tough I suppose apart from that not so much.

What activities do you wish you could engage in right now in the current climate?

Lalit :- Build a strong business around partnerships and revenues , exactly as we were doing before.

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