Where are the interesting product startups in India?

Indian Startups

Where are the interesting product startups in India?

We have been covering Indian startup ecosystem for quite sometime and we profile all new products that are launched in India. And ever since we enabled “Submit a startup” link, we have been flooded with tons of new products/ startups emails.


But why aren’t we talking about all of them?

Honestly, except for a few startups, most of them don’t even seem to be a serious effort at all. Infact, it won’t be wrong to say that most of the startups (or lets call then dotcoms) are like “Look momma! Even-I-can-code” sites and lack the basic thought process that should go inside building a great product.

Thanks to ready made CMS tools, many of these startups don’t care to exercise their creativity and have a half-baked offering (which will eventually die out).

Will we ever see a global consumer product from India? Forget about global, lets get local – Will we ever see a successful “local” consumer product from India (or will it be the same old Google/Yahoo?)

Wondering if you too think the same? (or is it me alone?)

Or it’s time to move beyond the Internet/Mobile startups and talk about the “brick ‘n’ mortar” ones?

What do you think?
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