Where Your Best Customers Want to Go

The seven behaviors of the marketing hourglass are: know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, and refer.

These seven behaviors represent logical stages of the customer journey as well as activities that customers want to engage in as they decide whether or not to do business with an organization.

We want to know who can solve our problems. We want to like what they have to say. And we won’t even consider buying from them if we don’t trust that they will deliver. We often want the ability, if possible, to try what it might be like to work with this company or acquire their products.

The primary purpose of the like, trust, and try phases is to educate your prospective customer on the value of doing business with you over others, on how your business is uniquely suited to solve their problems, on self-discovery of whether or not they are an ideal customer, and if so, why.

Ultimately, the like, trust, and try phases help you weed out non-ideal customers and appeal to ideal ones who, because they now understand more about your value, are not as concerned about working solely with the lowest price offer.

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