While we are talking

While we are talking about PLG and sales models, we know it is not one over the other, so how does the hybrid model work? 

You just said that PLG is really good for 0 to 100 million, and then from 100 million to a billion.

The sales-led model really scales because the playbook is done, the brand is established, there are larger deal sizes, you are into larger companies, the scale comes relatively easier. 

At what point would you advise people to switch, how do you run the hybrid model?

Girish Mathrubootham: It is a question of growth. 

For example, if you can grow to a billion dollars with PLG, with churn being great and growth being like 200 per cent–300 per cent, I would actually not go for sales-led growth at all because having two strategies creates a lot of friction.

Having one strategy makes it very simple but unfortunately churn is a real problem, not having exec relationships, bigger companies will come and growth can also slow down in PLG because in PLG you are getting smaller deals, everybody starts small.

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