White House and AI: Good Cop-Bad Cop-No Cop?


White House and AI: Good Cop-Bad Cop-No Cop?

At the AI summit where 34 tech giants came together, technology policy man for Trump, Michael Kratsios has been, reportedly, assuring technology giants like Google, Intel, Nvidia and Apple that AI innovation would not be stifled with regulatory red-tape.

While focus on skills and research-funding, along with a pragmatic stance on regulations, would certainly be good for innovation; as rules that were meant for a different world would not be slapped mindlessly on a new era; yet, it would be imprudent to really wait to cross the bridge till it comes.
One of the many factors that will make sure AI leans towards utopia and not dystopia would be its adept regulation and direction. There is nothing like self-regulation but in addition or, worse, in absence of it, a good referee always helps.

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