QnA: Who is a Mentor?

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Single founder company incorporation

I’m currently running a sole propreitorship as so far I’ve only been building the product. The product is ready and we will be signing our first customers this month.

I do have 2 employees (on contract basis) who help me but they are not partners and do not have any profit sharing agreements.

It looks like two people are required to start a private limited company. Should I first try and find a co-founder to start the company with or is there a way around this problem?

How to cross check LLC companies of USA.

We are offered to work as sales agent for LLC cmpany based in USA.I would like to know how to cross its athounticity and recover the dues in case they failed to pay the service fee

Suggestion for IVR solution providers in India

Does anybody have suggestion on IVR solution providers in India?

Receive SMS on a computer

Is there any way to setup a computer to receive SMS from a particular phone. I read some tutorials mentioning that I need to connect my phone to a computer and use AT commands.

Who is a mentor exactly?

My definition of a mentor is someone who takes 2-3% in the startup and has meetings with founders every month- one or two hours advising and explaining things they know which founders don’t know..
Picking up the phone and answering important questions by founders now and then whenever founders don’t know something. Being honest with their answers and advising to the fullest of their capability.. Reviewing what founders have done and coming with advice.. Helping/advising in legal, introducing founders to people they know etc

This is how I thought a mentor would be. If am wrong, someone please explain exactly what would a member do..

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