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Despite the no of eating joints in the city, would another cafe startup work?

Unlike technology and services ventures, I am seriously considering getting into the cafe/restaurant business. While I am clear about what would be on the menu, how much space I would need, where would the first outlet be located (yes I am planning on opening a chain of them at this stage itself) and even the logo, I wonder what would be the feasibility of such a venture. Additionally, my cafe is proposed in Bangalore so if any of you are aware of a CA who would be able to help me out with preparing the financial statement it’d be great! But do tell me your thoughts.

Non Dotcom Startups

I’m a budding entrepreneur although not so much interested into starting a dotcom. Trading or manufacturing are the things I want to concentrate on. Is there any startup here in similar categories? I see posts only about technology or dotcom startups. I would like to talk to like minded people who would like to consider non dotcom startups as well. Please share your thoughts.

Why am I an Entrepreneur?

“Every day as I travel to and from my regular work, a million different business opportunities strike me. And not so surprisingly, each one of them seems to be a viable option. Also, the idea of creating something from scratch and making a success out of it are simply too irresistible. So I guess one of the key reasons for me wanting to become an entrepreneur is GREED, for hard work and the result of that hard work, and for something for whose creation I was responsible.”

Ideas/Startups Requesting Feedback

Need feedback/inputs for Happy CV

Online Retail


website feedback – mobile 4 mumbai –

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Startup Ideas

We started a group called ‘Startup Ideas’ that essentially hosts discussions related to gaps in the current space. If you an observation, share it here. You never know where it can lead to.

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