Why App Developers Develop Apps? Most For Sense of Achievement (And Not Fortune)

Unlike popular perception, a new study by VisionMobile states that the sense of achievement and not money is the primary goal for most app developers.

Why App Developer Develop Apps
Why App Developer Develop Apps

The report titled Developer Segmentation 2013 brings out some very interesting findings on studying developers goals. The report was based on a developer economics survey of 6,000 respondents from 115 countries.

This survey took a non traditional approach to segment developers and divided them by in terms of their outcomes, or what developers are trying to achieve. It extracted data on thousands of developers in terms of their aspirations, motivations, challenges and plans in app development and came up with eight developer segments – the Hobbyists, the Explorers, the Hunters, the Guns for Hire, the Product Extenders, the Digital Content Publishers, the Gold Seekers and the enterprise IT developers.

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Based on this segmentation, the report puts forward the following key findings:

  • Revenues was only the goal for 50% of the mobile developers surveyed. 53% or the majority of them were motivated by creativity or the sense of achievement. For a third of the developers the most important goal had to do with self-improvement.
  • Explorers and Hobbyists (developers seeking to learn, have fun and self-improve) make up 33% of the mobile developer population but only 13% of the app economy revenues. This category prefers BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone.
  • Hunters and Guns for Hire (developers seeking revenues from the app economy) make up 42% of the developer population and 48% of the app economy revenues. This segment mainly consists of iOS developers.
  • Product Extenders, Enterprise IT developers, Digital Content Publishers and Gold Seekers prefer – more than average – Android and HTML5 as a platform. This segment is made up of 29% of the developer population, and 39% of app economy revenues.

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The chart above shows the hierarchy of developer motivations. The base consists of 53% of mobile developers that are motivated by creativity or the sense of achievement. For 40% of developers, the fun of making an app, is a motivator. Building a successful  business comes next with 34% while money has  motivating factor is only at 28%. Peer recognition is the least motivation factor with just 8% of developers choosing this option.

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