Why being alive has never been better, and what it means for the future

LITERACY The ability to read used to be reserved for kings and queens. Within America’s lifetime, worldwide literacy rates have nearly been flipped. – Romeen Sheth

The world has never been more peaceful, prosperous or healthy. But if you read the news you’d think the apocalypse just happened. Here’s 10 charts on why it’s never been better to be alive and what it means going forward:
First off – shoutout to @OurWorldinData They have over 1000 charts on the platform and you can cut data however you want. Really great work and a true rabbit hole on any topic you’re looking to get data on.
What explains it? The world is getting better in the aggregate. But it’s not getting better for everybody at the same rate. The train is moving full speed ahead and less and less people feel like they have a ticket for the ride. This train is only speeding up.
Which means, the biggest issue of our time will be: 1. Public policy to even the playing field 2. Information diet to match perception to reality I’ll deep dive into the above in a future thread…but if you’re curious check out @balajis’s thoughts on this. He’s spot on.
For further perspective…here are some benchmarks: – Value of all unicorns in the world today = ~AAPL – Value of the entire crypto market = ~MSFT Think about that for a second. Almost all disruptive innovation = *only* worth the 2 largest companies in the world in 2021 🤯
So remember, despite what you see in the media, there has never been a better time to be alive than 2021. And 2022 is set up to be even better. Progress will continue to exponentially grow over the next decade. Make sure to put yourself in a position to seize the opportunity.
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